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I’m so excited to be sharing exciting news at the beginning of this business/blog/website adventure! I wanted to formalize it so as a buyer, you are aware of the investment you will be making when you purchase at Pretty Beautiful. And the exciting news is…..

25-01-01-01That’s right! 25% of EVERY sale at Pretty Beautiful will be put towards the work and mission of Kids Alive International.

WhatisKidsAlive-01Kids Alive International

My husband, Sebastian, is currently a part of Kids Alive International, which is a faith-based organization seeking to follow the example of Jesus Christ by responding with sacrificial love to the world’s suffering children. There are three main reasons why we are committed to this cause.
1personalcause-01 If you don’t know, I’m originally from Guatemala & Kids Alive has a girl’s home in Guatemala, called Oasis, which we will be getting to visit in January. Having left as a 9-year old, there is much I don’t remember. But on our last trip in 2013, I noticed the need, the poverty and the potential my country has. Investing in a personal cause makes me be committed to it.

2followbeliefs-01The Oasis in Guatemala is an amazing ministry that comes alongside girls who have been abandoned or abused. Most were forced into child labour, experienced physical and sexual abuse, and, unfortunately, all too often all three. I believe God has called us to stand up for the orphans and those who don’t have a voice. If you have a few minutes, please watch this touching video of what Oasis is all about.

3investresources-01Living in a first-world country, I believe God has blessed me to be a blessing to others & there’s purpose in why I’m living where I live, why I’m involved where I am and really there’s purpose for everything in my life at any given moment. I believe part of the purpose of this business is to give back and meet a need for these girls in Guatemala.


So will you partner with me? Your business & purchase at Pretty Beautiful will become a blessing to these beautiful girls.

I thank you for investing in blessing!



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